Xander’s Goat Tale

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Hunting Goats

By Xander Coetzee

Feral Goats W.A.We go up North every year & every time we go I always see a bunch of goats, “like the Galahs are down here, that’s how the Goats are up there.” Every time we go we drive past huge trophies & so just before we went grandad got permission to hunt on a farm up north & so I took my bow with me. Off we went on a 10 hour drive to get there. We got to the farm and set up camp. We waited till the next day and went balloon fishing till about 1pm. Because the wind turned on us and our balloons didn’t go straight anymore we decided to go hunting instead. I got my bow, got in the car and we drove about 10 minutes before spotting a nice herd of about 50 goats. We watched which direction they were heading & I decided that it was best if I got in front of them and ambush them from behind a bush. Xander with his first goat.I got out of the car and quietly walked about 200m to the chosen bush before waiting around 15 mins for them to come forward.  At this point they were everywhere and I was surrounded!  The best feeling was they didn’t know I was there and so I picked my bow up and got ready. I saw the first one in the herd and it was eating just the other side of the bush that I was hiding in. As it made it’s way around eating  I drew back my string but it decided to walk back to the other side of bush. I let down and waited patiently. After a few minutes the goat decided to come the other way around the bush, I waited and then bam I had a clear shot. Xander's GoatMy heart was pumping so fast you could hear it, I drew back with the goat now 8 metres away from me. I released my string and my arrow found its mark straight in it’s lungs, it ran about 60 metres before it keeled over. There it was got my ever first goat !