Snakes and the Visitor’s Book

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Snakes and Critters

Dugite SnakeSecondly I (Remus) have been out at the club quite a bit during the last couple of weeks and have seen a couple of decent size snakes around. Please be careful where you tread out there especially if your off the tracks and in the long grass. I am sure most of you know that with the summer season we will see snakes more active so just be vigilant. On a slight tangent if you would like to read an interesting article about Australian snake written by a guy called Brian Bush from Perth go check this link: While on the subject of yucky critters there is also an abundance of Christmas spiders and other spiders out and about, crossing all the walk trails. Hating them spiders!

Visitor’s Book

Just a quick post to remind you all that if you are going to the club over the break please remember to sign the visitor’s book. It is important that we all start to do this correctly for both insurance purposes and also just so we can see usage. It only takes you two minutes to do it. The visitor’s book for those of you that don’t know is located just inside the door of the kitchen. I know a lot of you come out and just shoot the practice range but if you could sign that would be great.

Anyways people have a great and safe holiday season. I am sure all of you will enjoy some days off or alternatively you will be getting paid a packet to work the public holidays! We will see you January 6th when we will be shooting our first ABA round for the year!

Also thank you to everybody that helped to make SWB what it was in 2012 and we hope to see all your faces in 2013!