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Hunters shoot

This round is designed to give shooters a realistic hunting shot with realistic outcomes. We will be shooting a course with difficult shots at ranges within the normal distances for bow hunting.

The course consists of 14 ABA paper targets:

  • 3 Rabbits
  • 2 Cats
  • 2 Foxes
  • 3 Pigs
  • 3 Goats
  • 1 Deer

The targets will be set between 5 and 40m.

Archers will enter 1 of the following 4 divisions,

  • Traditional – Use of recurve or longbows with no range finders.
  • Compound – Sighted or unsighted compound bows with no range finders.
  • Modern Hunter – Any bow style legal in WA with the aid of a rangefinder.
  • Junior – Junior (13 and under) shooters at half range.


All shoot groups will have a copy of the animal anatomies showing the vital organs. These will be used by the group to score the shots.

  • Clean KillLung, Heart or rabbit head shot = 2 points.
  • KillLiver, kidney, spine or a major artery = 1 point.
  • Miss – 0 points (Modern Hunter Division = -2)
  • Wound – Any hit not listed above = – 2 points, (Modern Hunter Division = -4)

The negative points are due to a poor shot on an animal that would not kill and cause the animal to suffer and potentially bring bowhunting into disrepute. As hunters we should always try for a clean kill. Junior Shooters will not incur penalties, just an education on why the shot is not desired!


Just like a standard ABA shoot the cost of this shoot is $5 per person.

This shoot at present has been designed for the Bowhunting Weekend Event that can be found by clicking HERE.