Evedon Park Ambulance Crew and Camp quality

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Evedon Park Ambulance Crew

Wednesday the 17th of October saw a few of our members off to Evedon Park Bushland Resort in Burekup. The Regional Managers of St. John Ambulance were in for a bit of surprise archery. This was organised by their events coordinator. Evedon Park Bushland ResortWith a selection of men and women from across Western Australia a bit of fun was had by all.

The day started with paper ABA targets but the fun really began when the 3D stuff came out. Never have I seen a goat so porcupine like! Also of particular mention was the 16 pound compound that Bonnie thought felt really hard. Ask her about it sometime.

Bonnie was quick to pass out pamphlets and contact details for Branch J clubs. Many questions where asked by those that attended.  So hopefully some new members.

Lets hope that continued exercises like this keep coming our way so that we can spread the word about Bowhunting and field archery to a wider community. For information of the Evedon Park Bushland Resort please find a link below.

For those interested in the more stupid side of the day you may be interested to know that Clay and Bonnie enjoyed a “fun” game of kill Remus’ arrows to finish the day. Only lost one fletch but I have a feeling that there will be plenty more arrow hunting coming from the terror that is our state treasurer and her arrow murdering offsider.

Evedon Park Bushland Resort hosting Camp QualityCamp Quality

Saturday saw a few of our members back at Evedon Park for Camp Quality. Camp Quality is a weekend retreat for children dealing with cancer & their families. We have had the privilege of attending this event for 9yrs teaching them the basics on Archery and hopefully helping them to enjoy life to the fullest.


Camp Quality

Evedon Park Bushland Resort