Barebow Challenge supported by Bunbury Drilling Company

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SWB Barebow Challenge

Bunbury Drilling Company
Special thanks to our proud supporters.

SWB Barebow Challenge is over & it was exactly what it said “A Challenge”. Thanks to Clay for setting up a pretty challenging course with a mixture of ABA, pest patrol & 3D targets. Scoring was slightly different as the old ABA score zones were brought back in… with a twist. No liners. If you hit a line you got the lower score. Too bad if you hit the 16 line you got 0 (as I did on a few occasions). Not too many of the graded barebow shooters shot their grade & surprisingly those sighted shooters that picked up a recurve or longbow for the first time did very well, even in 35 degree heat.

Barebow Challenge

Special thanks to Steve Linaker & the Bunbury Drilling Company for sponsoring the shoot with $1000 in prizes & also for donating the raffle. The prizes were awesome from LED lights, camp ovens & gas stove’s. A watch for the oldest shooter & lollies for the kids.

Thanks Steve!

Results were:
Jeff Taylor 1st  654
Ross McKay 2nd.  584

Steve with the plethora of prizes he donated.

A grade:
Jeff Pye  618
Mike Mills – Borley 616
Shane McLean  606
B grade:
Ben Scholten (cub) 530
Kayla 478
Ken Hart 440
C grade:
Jack Rice  414
Robin Kraut  (first time recurve) 406
Ivan Harrison 360
D grade:
Craig 234
Tina Pye  (first time recurve) 222
Ian Ramsdale (first time recurve) 198

The “William Tell” shoot was a real hit with William (Yogi ) starting out at 20 mtrs. Not an easy task trying to hit a 3D apple off the head of the standing bear without hitting him. It took an hour until we got down to 4 in the shoot off. During the shoot off William stepped back about 1 mtr or more after every hit. Until finally at just over 30mtrs it was Jeff & Clay neck & neck. Jeff had 2 arrows in the apple & Clay one & it was up to Clay with his last arrow, but sadly he shot over. Jeff was presented with the 3D apple & a dinner for 2. Great shooting guys. Thank you to all those that attended.

William Tell WINNER: Jeff Pye from WA Field and Bowhunters Inc.