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September this year will see Southwest Bowmen hosting our yearly Interclub event on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th. With some serious time thrown in by our club members our new 3D course winds it’s way across the club grounds utilising a completely new layout which is leading to some great new and varied shots. […]

Western Plains Interclub 2015

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by Remus Parish Let me start by saying I was only there for the Sunday. Great day of shooting and just basically socialising with members from all the W.A. clubs. It was great to be able to just hang out and talk archery, shoot some arrows and hear amazing Elk hunting stories thanks to Tina […]


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Hunters shoot This round is designed to give shooters a realistic hunting shot with realistic outcomes. We will be shooting a course with difficult shots at ranges within the normal distances for bow hunting. The course consists of 14 ABA paper targets: 3 Rabbits 2 Cats 2 Foxes 3 Pigs 3 Goats 1 Deer The […]

The Hunter’s Corner

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The Hunters Corner By Greg Dell’Agostino (SWB BEO) The Purpose This column is going to be a small contribution from the hunters at the South West Bowmen. I am trying to give a little bit of information and encouragement to the people that want to try their hand at one of the most exhilarating sports […]


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Disclaimer: As both a field archery and bowhunting club there are members that actively hunt feral animals. We are well aware that certain members of the community may enjoy the the sport of Field archery with no interest in the Hunting side of the sport and vice versa. Continuing past this disclaimer may result in […]

Xander’s Goat Tale

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Hunting Goats By Xander Coetzee We go up North every year & every time we go I always see a bunch of goats, “like the Galahs are down here, that’s how the Goats are up there.” Every time we go we drive past huge trophies & so just before we went grandad got permission to hunt […]