Archer of the Month Overview

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In 2013 we introduced a new incentive program for all SWB members. At the end of each month we will be presenting an award for the person/s who has achieved their PB at any shoot in that month.

If no PB for that month, then it will be awarded to someone for their club input through either attendance, helping out at the club etc. A small award will be given out each month & the recipients names will be placed on the “Archer of the month” board. This will commence from the first shoot of 2013 and will culminate at the end of year club windup/presentation. The person with the most shields on the board will receive “the Archer of the Year Award”. This award will be open to all SWB members including cubs/juniors/adults. Even those that can not attend each week ie shift workers are still in the running.

The primary focus of such an award is to award those that through their own dedication to the sport are making advances in their abilities. Better archers means more placings at club, state and national level thus raising the profile of your club as a whole. Secondly its just a thank you to anybody that gets in and helps at club level to make the club the best it can be.