About Us

Please note people under the age of 18 need parental consent to shoot at our club.

A parent or guardian must supervise children under 12.


Where we are:

The Club is located at 760 Boyanup Road West, Boyanup, Western Australia.

When do we shoot:

Southwest Bowmen shoot on Sundays with gathering and registration at 8.30am-8.50am. On the day shooting commences on our chosen course at 9am sharp .

Southwest Bowmen has a selection of recurve bows we can supply for you to use on the day. We do have an equipment loan fee of $10. This $10 is purely an arrow fee cover.

We run two separate groups on most Sundays. Those that feel comfortable with their equipment and can demonstrate to our instructors that they can safely utilize it are more than welcome to come down and shoot with us all at the times stated above.

If you are very new to archery, are just starting out or have reservations about your ability to shoot safely we ask you to notify us so that we can have an instructor on hand for some “one on one” or small group training. These sessions are held starting at 12pm at the club grounds. (Please call Bonnie Cabrini on (08) 97 34 3213  or email her at cabba@netspace.net.au)

Probationary Period

We have an active probationary period in place just like any other club. We have never utilized our power to remove anyone but it is there for both the safety of club members and to extend us a way of removing people if they do the wrong thing. Simply put as long as you aren’t being an idiot everything will turn out fine. As Archery is a projectile sport we can obviously not have people doing dangerous things.
If you require further information please feel free to contact us.


The club is fully insured through its affiliation with TAA and follows the strict code of ethnics, safety, conservation, archery skills and sportsmanship.
We are lucky in our club to have a great depth of knowledge in all of these areas. Club coaches and instructors are always more than willing to help with getting new members started in the sport. From bow selection and purchasing to setting your bow up ready to shoot.

Membership & Insurance:

The TAA provides member to member public risk liability and personal accident insurance for all sanctioned club and TAA field activities.

Annual TAA and club membership is available and weekly shoot fees are paid directly to the club for the improvements of club amenities, new targets, club bows and other equipment necessary to successfully maintain the club.
Southwest Bowmen is an Affiliated club which is involved in the promotion and development of our sport as well as seeking to provide a friendly and social atmosphere for the enjoy

Field Archery:

Field archery is the sport division of the National Organization Australian Bowhunting Association. The TAA is recognised for the development of field archery in Australia offering a range of benefits to members. Field archery is one of the few sports which has participation irrespective of age or sex.


Those people joining with a desire to hunt feral animals will first need to be an TAA member for 3 months then pass the TAA’s proficiency test. This is a benchmark of ability and knowledge for all to ensure clean and swift kills. This includes an accuracy test which needs to be demonstrated at 100% accuracy and a written test of knowledge which includes fair chase rules and guidelines, survival skills, equipment maintenance, hunting skills, orienteering and first aid.