October Interclub

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And so it came to pass that our October Interclub event ran over the weekend and was enjoyed by all. With near perfect weather and a lot of pre-event organisation our little event went off without a hitch.

Though numbers were down as they have been for all the events this year those that came along enjoyed themselves and made the most of the days.

Day one (Saturday) saw the ABA round shot over both courses with the 3 arrow round being shot in the western section followed by the 1 arrow through the slightly cooler (read shady) side of our grounds. Thanks to Lionel, Jeff, Remus and some helpful natural obstacles the western side made for some interesting shots through windows of vegetation  removing some of the boring shots that open flat country can give you. The one arrow was shot over the eastern side and is always challenging in the afternoon as the dappled shade can play some serious havoc with range estimation making it more challenging. If one was to discount the usual grumpling about scores I think everybody quite enjoyed the challenges we tried to put forth.

Day two (Sunday) saw a few hangovers at breakfast over bacon and egg rolls and coffee before the muster and bow check. Of particular hangover hall of fame was the club VP who the night before had left our campfire as he had a bucks party to attend. After breakfast saw the usual people going out and setting up the targets, this time being the 3D kind on the new 3D course laid out by Bonnie and her helpers.

Shooting started at 10 with everybody taking to the course. All went fairly well for most. Good shooting by most. Only real hiccup of the day was Cameron punching himself from a bit f a technical bow issue. I am sure everyone would love to hear the story about this and the ninja cows but those two pieces of information are more for around the camp fire than on the club website. Ask him about it and I am sure he will be more than happy to tell the tale.

Shooting final results and stuff to follow but until I get them to post lets just say I am pretty sure everybody had a great weekend.