3D Archery Round


The 3D Archery Round: 
3D Archery Targets. Alligator, Turkey, Pig and two goatsThe 3D archery round consists of 14 or 20 targets constructed of a dense foam compound in the shape of life size animals. This event is scored the same as the common ABA animal round except for the inclusion of legs to the body line score zone. Horns and hooves are not part of the active score score. The 3D targets are free standing and all the distances are unmarked.

The main 3D brands are Rinehart and Delta Mckenzie. For a look at some of the amazing targets these companies have created you can go to their websites listed below.


There are three different colored shooting pegs.Xander and Cameron with 3D Archery Target
RED – Adults (17+)
GREEN – Juniors (13-17)
YELLOW – Cubs (Up to 12)

1st Arrow: A  – 20, B – 18, C – 16.
2nd Arrow: A – 14, B  – 12, C – 10.
3rd Arrow: A – 8, B – 6, C – 4.

The distances on a 3D archery round are unmarked.