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May 2014 Interclub Tournament

Remus accepting his B grade Win.
Remus accepting his B grade Win.

What a great weekend everybody seemed to have. First Interclub of the year, a bit quiet but that’s to be expected with Easter followed by Anzac Day. Day one saw a dedicated group of people head out and shoot some very fun 3D.

With a complete course change on the western side and a lot of moving around on the east it was great fun for all with no obvious advantage to the home guys.

New safety protocols implemented by SWB went off without a hitch and will hopefully reduce any issues that arise. I am sure our RMO will be very grateful for that as it frees up time for the Branch guys to work on fun things for us all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASunday was a blast with thirty five members from all over the state coming down to shoot the ABA round. Cam accepting his award due to the lack of Ninja Cows. The weather played nice and everybody had a great time. On another positive no Ninja Cows were spotted leading to Mr Cameron Van Veen shooting better than usual.

Just want to add a couple of special thank you messages.

Ken's Platform
Gordon really happy with a shot taken from our newest addition, Ken’s Platform.

First one goes to Ken Neill for being a bloody champion. For anyone who shot the practice course and enjoyed the sun shade that was Ken. Also and probably even a bigger deal if you decided to utilize the elevated shot platform on the number seven and eight targets on the coastal side (see pic) that was also Ken’s work.

A special thanks also goes to all of you that made Remus’ job as range captain easier by bringing in and putting out targets on both days. Great work club!

Couple of the boys lining up some 3D on Saturday.
Couple of the boys lining up some 3D on Saturday.