Welcome to Southwestbowmen.com, the home of the Southwest Bowmen field archery club located in beautiful Boyanup, Western Australia. Set out with meandering courses through an Australian bush environment there really isn’t anything as enjoyable as Field archery. We were the southwest’s oldest ABA affiliated Archery club, perhaps W.A.’s oldest but that was an argument with Greenough to have around the camp fire. We have recently changed to a T.A.A. Club to solve some issues.




Southwest Bowmen is a Field Archery club that was formed by Ken Hart & Lionel McLean in 1984. It has been at its current location on Boyanup West rd for over 25 years.
Club members are made up of a mixture of both traditional and compound archers. Field archery involves the shooting of arrows into paper and rubber targets at varying and unmarked distances.

Our courses are set in a woodland environment with meandering trails. We have a variety of games we play including 3D, ABA, IFAA Field and Hunter and pest patrol.

Novelty events such as Axe and Knife throwing, archery darts and others are sometimes organised for the participation of the entire family on special occasions such as our yearly Interclub and our Barebow contest in November.


The club strives to promote archery in a positive manner with the aim of each member to achieve their best in the sport, to promote archery as a sport for all ages and to encourage a sense of family and friendship amongst all the members.

The Southwest Bowmen is a club where your level of participation is totally up to you. You can come down just to socialize and have fun or there is the opportunity to compete at club, Branch, State, National and World level.

The club can be emailed at: administrator@southwestbowmen.com